Carlton Group: Equity and Debt Placement, by Gabe Weinert

January 30, 2013 § Leave a comment

The Carlton Group has developed a reputation as one of the premier advisers for both equity and debt placement, with a focus on the construction and redevelopment of commercial and residential real estate. We are able to quickly secure financing for a range of transactions, and we are known for our highly favorable terms. The Carlton Group employs a broad spectrum of equity and debt solutions to offer institutional and high-net-worth individuals some of the most flexible financial solutions available anywhere.

Owners and operators come to the Carlton Group primarily for assistance with acquisitions and major recapitalizations. The Carlton Group finds less expensive alternatives to existing capital that allow owners to retain management control over their real estate assets. We achieve this goal by accessing pools of non-traditional capital, held by overseas investors seeking an entry point into the U.S. real estate investment market. Financing of up to 95 percent is available through this model, often more rapidly than through traditional sources.

In addition, the Carlton Group holds expertise in providing innovative debt solutions that may include first mortgages, mezzanine debt, and structured financial products. The company holds a prominent position in the large-scale debt transactions sector, arranging debt-based financing in the range of billions per year. Toward this end, the Carlton Group brings together a diverse range of investors and lenders, from Wall Street investment banks to private investors, developing customizable financing terms tailored to the investment project at hand.

About Gabe Weinert: A Senior Vice President at the Carlton Group, Gabe Weinert provides valuation and structuring services for opportunistic private equity transactions, focused on alternative energy and real estate.


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